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Composting is Great


Here’s an easy, quick-to-set-up way of utilising your household organic waste.

  1. First, select a location for the compost heap.  It should be fairly far from your house if possible.  It’s often easiest to place it next to a fence or wall, and ideally it should be placed on a grass or soil surface.
  2. Next, find or buy some netting.  Make a circle or square with the netting / wire and attach it to the fence / wall.  Add a stick for extra stability if you wish. You can also use an old container, or even used tyres!
  3. Now, find or buy a simple bucket with a lid.  You will store this in your kitchen.  The lid will keep the smells at bay and stop flies getting in.  Place some scrunched up newspaper or used paper in the bin.  (This will assist with ventilation and movement later). 
  4. Add your organic waste (e.g. fruit, teabags, rice, bread) to the lidded bin every day.  Don’t add citrus peel or egg shells as they decay very slowly.  Also, don’t add meat unless you want to encourage rodents.  If things get messy in the bin, then add some more scrunched up paper.
  5. When the bin gets full, empty it into your compost heap outside, wash the bin, and repeat the process.

After about 6 months or so, you’ll end up with great compost at the bottom of your heap.  Plus, your organic waste isn’t going into landfill!


Why Compost?
If you have a garden (even a small one), this is easy to do.
Save money with a compost heap - and it's organic too


Compost heaps work best if they are moist.  So if you live in a dry climate, you might want to water it now and then.  Wind also makes the compost heap dry out, so if this is an issue you might consider using thick bags or firewood instead of netting.  Decide whether you want a lid or not – you might want the rain to come in.

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